History of Richards Corporation

In the beginning…

Born in 1940, Richard Sr., Dickie, was raised by a working class Irish American family in Plymouth CT.  Dickie grew up next door to the family dairy farm.  Both of his parents were hard workers.  Dickie’s father worked as a union carpenter and built many of the schools and large commercial buildings you see in and around Waterbury, CT today!

Dickie graduated from high school wanting to live the “American Dream”.   He was able to convince his parents to borrow some money to start his own business.  In 1961, Dickie and his two friends began their small excavation and trucking company as a side business to their salvage and auto repair shop.  They started with an old dump truck and backhoe doing residential and commercial work in the immediate area.  

Dickie eventually bought out his partners. On May 31, 1967, he officially started Richards Corporation.  He worked many long, hard and tiring hours to keep his business afloat.  


Fast forward a few years…

Dick and his wife gave birth to three amazing children – Alison, DJ and Dennis.  All three worked part time for the company since 1985.  Alison was part time book keeper; DJ graduated high school to immediately start working for the company while attending Hartford State Technical College and the Construction Estimating Institute part time; Dennis started working in 1988 and managed to work full time while also being a professional race car driver.  

In 2002, DJ became President of Richards Corporation.  With all of his hard work and dedication, nothing less would have been expected.  Along his side, his hard working brother, Dennis, became Vice President.  Dick is still, to this day, a key part of the company’s operations.  

Since DJ has been President, the company has grown immensely.  Richards Corporation still performs with their site work and excavation expertise while welcoming a new expertise in 2007; the Building Group.  Expanding Richards Corporation was a step in the right direction and has led Richards Corporation to being a leader in Connecticut’s construction industry.