Richards Corporation’s Sitework Group has close to 50 years of experience.   Since 1967, Richards has self-performed site clearing, earth moving, the installation of drainage systems, site utilities, water distribution, soil and erosion control, site improvements, construction of athletic fields, slip form and cast in place concrete, and bituminous pavement.

Richards Corporation has completed many school projects that include the new and/or existing sites and installing many athletic fields.  Besides being a leader in the institutional construction projects, Richards Corporation Sitework Group provides services to constructing or reconstructing roads and bridges for private and municipal use.

Richards Corporation has several relationships with global leaders in the construction industry having provided them services multi-generationally.  Richards works for generations of owners.  That is why our philosophy is clear; “We are always working for the next job, not just the current job”.

The Sitework Group is led by our President of the Company and has the support of his Vice President of Operations and Field Operations.  Their staff is made up of the finest and most highly trained and licensed tradesmen in the industry.  There is no better, period.